Prana: the rhythm of nature

Sitting here amid the giant cedars and pines in the forest, the ferns and plants and songs of insects and birds and a rippling stream, just like my breath, sways and flows with the breeze and the rhythms of nature.

Click here for a mountain moment to support a cleansing breath:

Spending time in nature attunes our body, breath and mind to the effortless rhythm of the natural world. The cells of all living beings resonate with the tempo of nature. In Sanskrit, this rhythmic lifeforce is called prana, which means “primary energy,” “breath” or “vital force.”

Prana moves with each breath and is the sustaining energy working at every level of our being. We cultivate prana through conscious breathing, by eating a simple healthy diet, through the practice of yoga and other energizing activities, meditation, nurturing positive relationships, and understanding the importance of rest.

As we move through the moments and seasons of our lives our connection to the natural rhythms of prana fulfills our spiritual aspirations, clarifies our work and relationships, and guides us through the inevitable changes and challenges that come our way.

Being in nature helps.