Bowl of cherries

There’s an old adage: “Life is just a bowl of cherries.” You know, when we feel life is going just fine, no worries, no problems, completely satisfied with where we are and what we have.

But this old saw is actually more often used ironically to mean the complete opposite: “I just got furloughed (again), the car needs repairing, my COVID test was inconclusive. Life is just a bowl of cherries.”

The thing is, life really is a bowl of cherries and we all know how quickly it goes by. You blink and it’s August and you’re about to have another birthday and you remember you’re alive and part of the manifest whole and something really amazing is probably right around the corner.

Yoga invites us to step away from the external (fear, anxiety, problems – real or imagined), to hop on our mats and take a spin through an invigorating, breath-centric moving meditation. And then magically, once we’re in the flow, where we are and what we have is perfect.