The perfect Rx

As healthy practices go, yoga and meditation are at the top of the Rx pyramid. The symbol “Rx” stands for the Latin word “recipe” meaning “to take.” Rx is, of course, more widely known as a prescription. I think a more appropriate metaphor might be to “give and take” since by definition an Rx is prescribed and then taken by the patient/practitioner.

I really like the recipe concept, as in, yoga and meditation are essential ingredients in the perfect recipe for healthy aging. So, in the spirit of the Rx for health, peace and longevity, I humbly prescribe a dose of healing meditative yoga today.

Happy flowing and healing!


It’s funny, the only time we seem to make it out for the sunrise is in some other enchanted place like, say Lake Tahoe. In the mountain pre-dawn air watching the awakening of the natural world, iridescent sky, sounds of waves on the lakeshore, geese and the growing hum of insects are meditatively sublime. In a way it’s like awakening from a deep savasana, a little sleepy yet feeling reenergized.