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I practice and lead yoga classes in Santa Cruz, California. My aim is to explore dynamic ways to enhance strength, coordination, flexibility, balance and mobility. Along the way we’ll awaken the core, ignite inner fire and activate prana (vital life force). Let’s meet in the virtual Zoom yoga room!

About Tim

For me, yoga is multifaceted, transformative and endlessly challenging. It asks us to strengthen, bend and shape our body, control our breath, occasionally defy gravity and love ourselves just as we are. It also connects us to our infinite divine power – power to shift awareness and change deeply embedded patterns.

I have had the great privilege of learning from a wide circle of teachers, friends, mentors and places. During the 10 years creating and nurturing One Yoga Center in Santa Cruz, California I completed a 200-hour teacher training in 2006 and began teaching public classes in 2010. I discovered that Yoga wasn’t just a thing I was doing, or teaching, or studying. It became the lens of my life; the philosophy, the practice, the breath. It was also the catalyst that upended just about everything. Om namah shivaya.

The opportunity to merge yoga with my nonprofit work and service as the Executive Director of  Grey Bears also came in 2010. How great is that? My classes offer a dynamic blend of movement, strength, music, flexibility and stillness designed to simply bring us more fully into each present moment. And hopefully someplace even deeper.

Class Schedule

Come and practice in one of my Zoom classes! 


Hatha Core Flow
5:00 – 5:45pm


All Levels Flow
3:30 – 4:35pm


Vinyasa Flow, your morning cup of power
9:30 – 10:45am

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What Students Say

I wanted to start the New Year by thanking you for all of the yoga classes you have taught. They have helped me through so much over the last several years. Thank you for your guidance and your practice!”

I love Tim’s yoga classes! They’re fun, sweaty, invigorating, with insights and humor. I recommend Tim for new to seasoned yogis.

Tim’s classes have helped expand and deepen my practice. I love his approach to yoga – physically challenging and reverential, and I always leave feeling better, stronger and more open.

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