Pea soup outside, strong and calm inside

I’ve spent what feels like most of my life advocating for environmental and sustainability causes. I remember printing the first People Power newsletters on my old laser printer in the early 90’s with my friend, Ron Goodman. We were so hopeful that our vision for a safe bike/active transportation network in our county would help more people ditch their cars in favor of bikes. That movement didn’t get us to a tipping point of meaningful change, so the work continues.

As the fires and floods and hurricanes rage, things can feel hopeless. In yoga we know that a steady lifelong practice requires “patience and persistence.” Yesterday I heard the effervescent Jane Fonda, who at 82 has written a book with the tag, “from climate despair to action.” Activism, she once believed was a sprint, and change and growth would come quickly. As she grew older she thought it was a marathon and she learned to pace herself. Today she calls it a relay race, where older adults join with younger activists ready to lead the movement. To do that we must stay strong, courageous, determined, focused and calm. The same requirements yoga asks of us, which centers us in times of turmoil and tragedy.

So in that spirit may the practice begin!